10 Facebook Marketing Tips

 Do you know what gets 10 times the engagement of a Facebook Page? A Facebook Group. Here are 10 red hot facebook marketing  tips to help you master any Facebook group you’re using for business.

1: Invite Them to Join Your Group Right Away

When someone comes to your website, send them to your ‘start here’ page. Give them a little bit of an introduction, and then immediately invite them to join your community on Facebook, a group of friendly members who are all there to help each other succeed.

Give them the link with the words, “Click here to request to join.” Or right after they subscribe to your email list, ask them to join your Facebook Group.

If you are doing a promotion of some kind, maybe step 1 is to share the promotion on Twitter or LinkedIn, and step 2 is to join the group.

You get the idea – make it easy, invite them early and often, and tell them why they want to join you group.

2: Invite Them Again

Place an invitation at the end of your emails in the signature section. Place it in forum signatures and any and everywhere else that it’s appropriate.

3: Create an Effective Link

Create a link that is YourWebsite.com/community to take people to your Facebook Group to join. Why not use the word “Group” or “FBGroup” instead of “Community?”

Because a community implies a sense of connection and belonging – two things people crave.

4: Sprinkle that Link EVERY Where

Do you have your own podcast? Mention the link. Are you a guest on someone else’s podcast or webinar? Mention the link.

Social media? Use the link.

Hand out your Group Link like a business card. Or like candy. Or both.

5: Link Your Groups Together

If you have multiple Facebook Groups, link them together like this:

  • Go to a different group than the one you want to promote
  • Go to ‘more’
  • Click on ‘link existing group,’
  • Then type in the group your linking and hit ‘link’

Now it will say that the Group Admin recommends this other Group

6: Feature a Group Member Outside of the Group

Choose someone inside your Group to feature in a blog post, podcast, video, social media, or wherever you like.

This lets people know that there’s a community they can join, and that you’re featuring people from there, giving them free publicity.

7: Get Personal

Write personal messages to the top contributors in your group.

To find them, go to your Group and click on “Group Insights.” Click on “members” and you’ll see a list of the top contributors, how many posts they’ve created and even the comments they’ve made.

Send them a personal message THANKING them. In most cases you will totally make their day. They’ll feel the warm fuzzies and they’ll want to contribute even more to the Group.

8: Share the Prestige

Choose some of your top contributors to be moderators.

By giving your top people authority to moderate, they can help you control the spam and police the trolls.

They can also remove and delete posts, as well as approving new members into the group.

Perhaps best of all, it rewards your top contributors and allows them to feel chosen and special. This takes work off of your shoulders and creates ‘superfans’ who have your back and know they are part of your team.

9: Share Exclusive Content

Show them stuff behind the scenes that no one else gets to see. Make them feel like they’re a part of something special and exclusive.

You might show them your process, what you’re working on, or give them info or stories that you share with no one else online.

Tell them what you’re dealing with right now, and even go live and share something important about yourself or your business.

You might also give them first looks at a new product you have in development, and even get feedback on it, too.

If you’re writing a book, share a chapter with them, or a first look at the cover. People want to feel like they are on the ‘inside,’ and they’re interested in the processes that bring things to fruition, too.

And they even love hearing about the mistakes you’ve made and what you learned from them – maybe even more so than hearing about your triumphs.

10: Ask for Their Help

People love to be asked for their opinion and advice. Maybe you’re working on something and you have multiple options – share those options with your group members and see what they think.

Are you designing a logo or book cover? Show them the options and ask which one they like, and why.

Are you debating between two courses of action? Let them know and ask for their advice.

These will likely be some of the most active posts you make, as people get involved and talking, weighing in with their own thoughts and ideas.

And they can be tremendously helpful for you, too, by providing insights and ideas you never even thought of before.

 I hope these tips prove helpful 












































Are you using enough website images?

Quick Quiz:

  • What’s more powerful; images or text?
  • Which is more memorable; images or text?
  • Which leaves a longer lasting impression; images or text?

The answer to all 3 questions is of course images. So are you using enough website images?

Last question: What’s even MORE powerful than images?

Answer: Images paired with text. That’s right – if you’re using text, you should be using images, too.

Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text, which means you want to be extra careful in selecting images that speak to, enhance and compliment your marketing message. When someone comes to your website, what’s the first image they see? This image is the first impression you’re making, and it can determine whether that visitor stays to read your text or not.


Try adding carefully selected images to everything – webpages, articles, blogposts, sales letters, social media posts – and see if your response rate doesn’t increase dramatically.










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