How to get your website ready for Christmas

How to get your Website ready for Christmas

Christmas is not that far away.
Shortly you will see all shops showing off their Christmas decorations. lights and festive ware
Did you know that over 40% of consumers begin their Christmas shopping just before Halloween. So now is the time to make those Christmas changes.
Your webite is just as important as stores and you should think of how your website will look to potential clients, buyers and subsribers
Your website may not be offering any Christmas products or services but now is the time to take advantage of the Christmas season. Even if you are just changing your opening hours during the Christmas season

Below are a few tips which could help

How to get your website ready for Christmas

Christmas banners and heading

One good way is to simply change how your website appears when people click on to it. Why not have some Christmas banners or Christmas pictures. You could simply put Merry Christmas on your welcome page

Christmas offers

Offer a special discount for December. Make it a Christmas theme.

Social Media Management

Why not show images of behind the scenes of what your Company is doing for Christmas.
You could have a Christmas countdown.
Twitter polls – these offer great engagement for example you could run a poll on What people are eating on Christmas Day

Keyword Optimisation 

You must remember who your target audience is and what they are looking for. Do not think just using the word Christmas in your SEO will result in numerous sales as Christmas is a very common word and can be difficult to potentially rank for. So make sure you include your relevent niche.

Revamp your website navigation

You want your customers to purchase your Chrismas items and gifts. So make a separate page to promote your Christmas items.

Run a Christmas Competition

Running a competion anytime of year is a good way of engaging with your customers. However at Christmas it is even better as it will make people intersted in your product or servic.
Set up a competion on social media and get customers to follow, tag your account and share with other people. They could do this by simply showing how they are using your product or service.
You could even simply run a competion asking how they would use the prize should they win.



During the run up to Chrismtas you could get your staff to dress up as Santa, Elves or even Rudolph!

Post the images on your website or social media and ask people to vote for their favourite.


Gift Guides

This is an excellent way of showing off your products. Why not create a Christmas gift guide. This can be divided into ages and sex. That way you will have the ideal gift(s) for everyone.

Create a few different product categorises and simply add the products to the chosen catagory.

How to get your website ready for Christmas

These are just a few ideas to help you through the Christmas and this could even help you sales in 2023



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