Selling your products on a Webinar

Selling your products on a Webinar

Have you ever thought of selling your products or services on a webinar? Do you think it is too difficult?

What is a webinar? – If you have not heard of webinars, it is where you go on a (usually live) “video call. You will see the presenter’s screen (and sometimes them) and hear their voice.

In the world of marketing, they are often used as a way to give out some content and then transitioning to try to get you to buy an offer. After all they have your immediate attention as you are watching their pitch and you have turned up especially for this webinar.

Selling your products on a Webinar

When people join a webinar they will  go to a registration page where they enter at least their e-mail address, and then they will later go on the live call. Usually only a portion of the traffic will register (which can be around 50%), and even less will show up in person (usually around 35%)

However, of those that do show up, they are far more likely to buy from you after watching your presentation.

It is best to use webinars to sell higher priced offers that normally aren’t impulse buys. Prices from £500 to thousands of pounds tend to do really well on webinars, as the conversions tend to be a lot higher compared to a sales page or even a video sales page. If you have a sales page that is not doing too hot, consider trying out a webinar. Or, if you have a low-priced offer, which is not doing too well, consider raising the price and value of the offer and trying to sell it on a webinar. You will probably be shocked at the results.

Selling your products on a Webinar

One thing to realise with webinars is that the key is to have very exciting reasons for them to attend the webinar itself. Exciting headlines, freebies for those who attend, live contests / giveaways, etc. can all be great ways to increase the attendance rates (and therefore sales when you do the pitch). A great way to help with attendance is to be sure to send out e-mail reminders several times ahead of the webinar itself, especially the day of as well as even minutes prior (this last one will help increase attendance by quite a bit, especially 5 to 10 minutes after the start time of the webinar itself). You can even send a text message reminder if you also collect their mobile numbers, which can help as well. Just be sure to ask for their mobile number after you already have their e-mail address, as otherwise your registration conversions can get hurt by asking for too much upfront.

Takeaway: Especially for higher priced offerings, that are non-impulse buys, try doing webinars to sell them. Conversion rates can be much higher on these especially for higher priced offerings. Just be careful not to do them for lower priced offers because of fewer eyeballs seeing the webinar.

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