What is SEO Marketing?


What is SEO Marketing


If you are in business, it is likely that you will have heard of SEO and how it can be used to develop your business. Of course, it is one thing to be aware of SEO and another entirely to carry out the process. Given the importance of being found on search engines, SEO is vital for companies and you need to know how to use it effectively. 

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the act of optimising your website in order to achieve the best possible rankings on the leading search engines. Each SEO expert will have their own definition but the main reason why people use SEO is to rank high on sites like Google. When you achieve results with SEO marketing, you get the benefits of advertising with no or very little cost and you will hopefully drive traffic to your site, generate awareness about your business, create new customers and achieve success in your industry.

What are the benefits of SEO Marketing?

The benefits of SEO marketing relate closely to the benefits of ranking highly on Google. Virtually every company wants to be ranked on the first page of Google, ideally in the first couple of results, because these are the results that get clicks through to a website. The key benefits of SEO marketing are:

  • A strong ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased traffic being driven to your website


Should I get on an expert for SEO Marketing?

If you are unsure of how to SEO your website, then yes, it makes perfect sense to call on an expert for SEO. In your business, there will be many things you do very well, but equally, there will be some tasks that are better left to other people. Many businesses accept that bringing in new employees or outsourcing certain tasks helps businesses achieve more and offer a higher standard of service. This is true for SEO and when it comes to improving the standard of your SEO submission and working towards higher search engine rankings, turning to an SEO specialist is of benefit. If you have the time to study SEO strategies and you have an aptitude for this line of work, there is no reason why you cannot develop your SEO skills yourself. After all, every expert starts from the bottom, but the issue for most firms is that they don’t have the time to waste in training and development. Working with an SEO specialist allows you to boost your online marketing activities in a short time-frame. Yes, carrying out SEO work in-house saves money, but it takes time, and hiring a specialist can provide you with a better return. The return on SEO investment is an important aspect to consider. Firms should look to maximise the return they enjoy from SEO because the better your rankings, the more business you will receive. At Just Local Business Marketing, we understand the importance of SEO marketing and we know the positive impact it can have on companies.


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